Balal Lavan Pipeline Project - Persian Gulf

Client: IOOC

LIKPIN, Pideco Co. and AbniehTarahan Alborz Co. (ATA) formed a joined venture and were awarded, in 2011, the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of a pipeline between Balal Production Platform to Lavan Island and three pipelines in the Aboozar Field. The commencement date was in 2013.

The Balal to Lavan pipeline is a 100 km long 14" DIA pipeline that has a minor onshore section (1.8 km) and a major offshore section (98.2 km). The other pipelines are a 3.6 km long 18" DIA pipeline from platform A16 to AB, a 2.7 km long 24" DIA pipeline from platform A14 to AC and a 3.2 km long 12" DIA pipeline from platform A9 to AA. The maximum water depth of all pipelines is 92 m.


Contract Value €90 million

Completed Projects

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Sumatra to Java Gas Pipeline – Indonesia
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South Pars Phase 8 Project – Persian Gulf
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Salman In-field Pipeline Project – Perisan Gulf
Client: Iranian Offshore Engineering Company

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Main Services


LIKPIN specializes in shallow water pipelay. With several executed projects involving shallow water pipelay, LIKPIN has positioned itself as a competent market player. The company executes the projects in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards in the oil and gas industry. As part of its pipe laying service, LIKPIN also conducts route surveys, pipeline abandonment and salvage, pipeline inspection, maintenance and repair, topside modification and refurbishment and pipeline decommissioning.


LIKPIN believes that project oriented management structureis the means to ensure projects are successful and that customer needs are satisfied. The focus on this structure brings the benefits of safe operations, high standards of workmanship, cost effectiveness through accelerated project completeness and earlier production to customers. The company actively invests in the involvement of experienced project and operations managers and project team members in the project life cycle from estimation to commissioning, thus ensuring that all processes: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling and close out are adhered to, implemented and performed efficiently.


Capitalizing on its robust network and extensive knowledge of the sourcing market, LIKPIN is capable of undertaking major procurement requirements of clients by ensuring thorough planning and early arrangements. LIKPIN works to verify the specification of the goods and guarantee the standard of the products. It also strives to handle the logistics and order fulfillments with great care. Combined, these result in streamlined shipping processes and delivery schedules that allow LIKPIN to seamlessly consolidate the delivery and laying of pipes.


LIKPIN has all the available human resources and capital to manage, operate and maintain a vessel or derrick barge. The decades of experience that LIKPIN's senior on-board crew have under their belts ensures the safety, quality and efficiency of the smooth performance of the vessel or barge under their control.